maybe I’m a Finn? :-)

Saila gets more kudos: her dissertation research is Research News of the Week in Helsinki!
One aspect of her research into mobile phone use discovered a “paradox between reachability and disturbance” in which,

“Being in peace seems to be connected to the Finnish concept of humanity and social relationships. Text messages are particularly handy for Finns, as you don’t have to reply right away even though you are reachable,” she says.

Do you want to see what Finnish looks like?

3 thoughts on “maybe I’m a Finn? :-)”

  1. Hey, how is it going??? Your message today morning came afere one of my embarrasing moments….funny how these things work sometimes. Your more more embarassing than mine…I just went into a class with students and a professor eating chocolate and barefeet….not as bad as some….love

  2. Eating chocolate doesn’t seem that strange – unless you were being messy?! But what’s up with the bare feet? Isn’t that illegal?!!
    (I did kick my sandals off during a different interpreting gig last week; I was following others’ lead.)

  3. Hi Steph,
    I am so sorry I have not called you yet. I am kinda strange these days. I got my LSAT score back and it is still very bad. So I dont know what I am doing next year and I feel rather lost…so anyway,
    Will try to call you tonight,

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