Going to Iran…

some day remains on my mind. I was authorized to receive a Visa this past June. I really should follow-up with the proper authorities, to see if I can use the same visa permission in the next year or two, since I could not swing the conference I hoped to attend this past summer on such short notice.
In the WordPress blogworld I came across this story posted by Free Schools India: Confidential Iran memo exposes policy to deny Baha’i students university education.
The sectarianism is discouraging, reminding me of the Sunni-Shiite split in Iraq. How does one contribute to peace without imposing a pre-established moral framework prescribing how? The road to reconciliation and revamped institutional systems is long and hard, requiring an (apparently rare) combination of ethical vision and personal courage. I do think language provides the only tool we humans have that can accomplish deep historical shifts in socially patterned dynamics.
Meanwhile, DUO II approaches.

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