Democracy in Action in Burma

On September 27, several of the world’s most reputable news sources reported on events in Myanmar (what most Americans know as Burma).
The Economist: On the Brink: How Myanmar’s people rose up against its regime&emdash;and the regime rose up against its people.
The Associated Press: Myanmar Troops Kill 9 More Protesters
Today, there is evidence the brutality may have succeeded in quelling the people’s protest:
Myanmar Protests Falter After Crackdown
CNN, reporting on the arrival of a United Nations Envoy in the capital city of Yangon, expands:

A source in Myanmar told CNN that students and other civilians “are playing a terrible game of cat and mouse” with security forces.
“The boldest 100 stand about three blocks away from the line of soldiers and shout slogans and taunts at them,” the source said.
“A block behind the bold crowd is another large group of more than 100 in the street waiting to see what happens. All along the sidewalks, people are milling, watching and waiting. People hang out of the storefronts and sit out on their patios watching,” the source added., a non-partisan political action group in the US, is helping to sponsor a petition.

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