Bonding in Belton


We ate breakfast at Deb and Bill’s Cafe in Belton, Missouri. Under surveillance. One neighbor got a map to show us where Carrollton is – Austin is performing there with marching band today. Another neighbor congratulated Rich for finding a way to interrupt her life story. Christi (not one to mess up her schoolwork with doodles) recounted her stress-releasing strategy of making tic marks for each time the chatty nitwit (bless her heart) annoys her in class. Dad selected from “The Lighter Side” portion of the menu – until he learned he could have both corned beef hash and hashbrowns.
We’re wearing bracelets in honor of Alec’s life, celebrating being together on his account.

I have a feeling Alec would have enjoyed the two-seater.

2 thoughts on “Bonding in Belton”

  1. Excellent review of that event, Steph! Only you left out the Pastor Rich part, ha! And how much you loved my “stress squishy ball” 🙂

  2. Yea, and you peeked before I got the photos uploaded! 🙂
    (That cable was tucked in my back seat. Glad I didn’t buy another one!)

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