Dr Dada

He fed us a feast. Not that you’d know He-of-No-Worries defended his phd the other day and is imminently en route to a post-doc in Munich. Rasta the Jamaican Impasta was here, and Andi (headed off to his own post-doc at Yale), the not – so – innocent friend from Columbia, and the Ever-Smiling Evil Indian kept us well entertained. Thoughts of ABD Singh drifted in the background (He of No Revisions).
An intriguing critique of the Indian media cast some doubt on the claim that India boasts the most mature democracy in the world.
Most important, however, are the certificates Dada wishes to distribute to his friends.

4 thoughts on “Dr Dada”

  1. Hi Steph! How are you? I got your SMS. Thanks. I am feeling kinda down and lonely. India is always loud and surrounded by people. I will be ok in a day or so. How are things going at your end. love.

  2. Any chance you will pass through Columbus on your way back? I haven’t been the the Ugly Tuna Saluna since you left…;-) And heavens know I can always use a drink…!!

  3. IlaBila, drink won’t take the place of all those family n friends you’re missing but The Ugly Tuna does call my name. 🙂 Unfortunately, I had to resort to flying this trip. Maybe it’s Your Turn to come to Massachusetts?!

  4. Damn right, it wont. I am feeling a lot better now and it was not thanks to beer. It had a role to play though. I think of you and calling you every day and somehow it has not happened yet. I hope it does someday soon. Hope you are well 🙂

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