boka chombu

shit. I’m sure that is not right. I had it in mind until I sat down to write this. Will someone correct me?
This is like when I thought you all were talking about female genital mutilation in India: how hard are you laughing now? 😉 Yes, I am just a phat redneck. (sigh)
Ethel the Philosopher is writing on non-propositional knowledge, which is almost phenomenological but not quite. Cassiopia the Easily Wounded is working on something else (I’m not sure what).
Then we saw my classmate from years ago, who I’ve now seen three times in the last two weeks: “In Panama we say, ‘Now I see you in my soup!'” she exclaimed while passing me on the street. 🙂
Wittgenstein was a misogynist who believed genius has a price. Did Nietzsche believe this too? I don’t know, but we had an impassioned discussion tonight about the possibility that systemic change begins with us. (Maybe it was just me who was passionate?!)
I think there were a hundred other things I was supposed to remember for the blog, but come on! I can’t do it all by myself! 😉

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