“This doesn’t suck.”

I almost fell out of my seat when Ruth called and said her hubby, the Sears Catalog Man (a.k.a. “Frederick”) wondered if I was close enough to come join them for a few days of their vacation in Maine. Well, yeah!
They were staying in the “Harry Potter House” in Bayside, replete with plants in the gutters and quite a view:

the View.JPG.jpg

(although not quite as stunning as Frederick’s plunge into the fifty-degree drink).
The cottages (to which I made my own interior decorating contribution) are just outside of Belfast (where there is no oating, wimming, or ishing). I arrived just as Jamie was preparing to trounce his dad in chess (third game out of four, 75% is a pretty durn good average). There were many memorable events, as there always are, including being toasted as an “old friend.” Seventeen years we figger. I was shown one major prize of beach-combing: the (supposed?) half-inch hold-down to the center hatch of the Edmund Fitzgerald which was unlatched and ~ thus ~ the cause of its terrible demise. (in Lake Michigan? Not the Atlantic? Really? Minor detail.)
Another prize involves seaglass. I regret to report that I did not lay eyes on the (apparently whole) bottle in question, although I did witness negotiations for a trade involving a (full) bottle of port.
The closed bid negotiations occurred on the same evening as the announcement of the Lynch Theory of Boats, in which all boats on anchor face the same direction. (duh?)
boats aligned.JPG.jpgthimble.jpg

Dinner the first night was a bit charred (although still edible). The next night, we went out on the Good Return all the way to Castine, where we devoured a seafood medley of haddock, shrimp, and scallops in lobster cream sauce. We had a bit of anxiety prior to the return (!), as a thunderstorm swept by, just skirting us but leaving “a confused sea” with a lot of chop. It was just cold enough, with a fair amount of seaspray, that Captain Melissa invited us into the pilot’s cabin (we were the only passengers). That was pretty awesome cool. 🙂 Sometime after we passed by Turtle Head (in Penobscot Bay) the waters started to calm; by the time we made dock the water was as smooth as glass. Mellow as heaven.
We drove down Route 1 this morning, taking in various shops and sights. There was one place that was simply too good to pass by. We also almost had a debate about the quantum indeterminacy of engineering (as compared with the potential fixity of communication) but the timing wasn’t right. I did hear an NPR science story by David Kestenbaum as I finally headed home on the “Atomic Tune-Up: How the Body Rejuvenates Itself. Here we go, what new knowledge do I want to help create? How people can use the fact of “the atomic makeover” to recreate their being-in-the-world (through communication, of course). 🙂
Meanwhile . . . there is something about being on the seashore. Perhaps it is the only place where the sun can be hot on your skin and the breeze cool enough to raise goosebumps. Besides, we had fun!

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