In Memory of Sam: An Endowment Fund

The following is the text of a letter (written March 10, 2007) from John Anderson and David Corey concerning the Sam Achziger Memorial Endowment Fund.
“It was a year ago last month that Sam Achziger passed away. We are pleased to share with you the good news that an anonymous donor has started the Sam Achziger Memorial Endowment Fund at World Learning with a commitment of $25,000. The fund will provide scholarship support to motivated and deserving Experimenters starting this summer.
Sam was both a friend and mentor to both of us, and he touched the lives of generations of Experimenters, EIL Group Leaders, host families, SIT students, colleagues, friends and neighbors. He personified the spirit of The Experiment in International Living. This endowment fund will serve as a permanent memorial to Sam’s commitment to building a better world one friendship at a time. Like Sam, this fund will touch and change the lives of Experimenters and hosts around the world.
Please join us in making a gift and/or pledge to The Sam Achziger Memorial Endowment Fund. Do not hesitate to contact either one of us at the email addresses below or Tony Allen, Director The Experiment in International Living (eiltony at – (973) 783-1965) with any questions. Thanks so much for your support.”
jhnandrsn at (John Anderson)
jkgall at (David Corey)

2 thoughts on “In Memory of Sam: An Endowment Fund”

  1. Dr. Anthony Allen emailed to let me know:
    “we awarded the first Sam Achziger EIL Scholarship to a young man, Mitch Turner, who is participating in our Poland homestay plus community service program.”
    Congratulations, Mitch!

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