Forget Not My Heart

“Spiritual gateway to the soul.” The Intuitive Acupuncturist volunteered the info as the name for the two “in-and-outs” she did on my back, one on either side of my heart.
I told her I was labile (which I always think of as the opposite of volatile) and disoganized. “You’re changing,” she said. “Sometimes we don’t recognize ourselves.”
We got onto the topic of our first meeting, and how that led to my so symbolically transparent (!) tattoo.
She gave me a series of “in-and-outs” – to two fingers on my left hand! Ouch! – explaining “the short, quick ones pack a lot of punch!” We were trying to stabilize me around the ambition/love intertwinement-thang I’ve got going on. “For whatever reason,” I told her, “I’ve got a lot ambition. I have to channel it along the paths that are available.” “Don’t you mean you have a lot of love?” she asked. I paused before replying, “I think they are the same thing.” She sat for a minute before speaking softly, “Of course.”

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