“a hui hou”

Keanu was online this morning; we have not had contact since an email query about how to characterize a lunch conversation we had during the first Dialogue under Occupation conference in Chicago last fall. Then, I was clarifying for the paper I’ll present at the second DUO conference this fall, in Jerusalem. Today, I scoped out his plans. Those Hawaiians are up to exciting things!!!!
I missed the deadline to submit my own paper at the International Studies Association (political science). Darn. How close is my dissertation topic to the field of international relations? Wikipedia says it is “both an academic and public policy field, and can be either positive or normative.” Given the choice of positivistic science or normative science, I definitely lean to the latter in the sense that I think whatever gets put into policy becomes normative (so we better be clear on what we want the norms to be!)
The ISA conference “Call for Papers” is broader, opening up the paradigmatic range to include “empirical and normative, conservative and liberal, systemic and individual, activist and academic, material and ideational, positivist and post-positivist.” Sounds good, actually! I wonder which way the biases tend to lean, in terms of representation among these quite disparate views?) The goal of the 2008 conference is to “Bridge Multiple Divides…by creating dialogue and integrative research between scholars from different communities and viewpoints.” Gee, if they really do it, that would be cool. To the extent they “fail” or “succeed,” I may have another opportunity for interaction and reflection such as DUO provided?
I’ll have to scope them out some more, perhaps after they begin to post papers. Did I also miss the poster deadline? They maintain an online archive (requires membership).
Preregistration ENDS November 30.
Something to think about!
“In Hawaiian,” Keanu told me, “we say “a hui hou” which is ‘until next time.'”

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