Time Capsule

That’s right, on a couple of counts. Rich said this listening to Chaka Khan last night at the 2007 Gay Pride Festival at the Liberty Memorial Park in Kansas City last night.
[fyi, you cannot reach the official website from KCI airport: “http://www.kansascitygaypride.org/ has been categorized as Pornography. It has been blocked per your organization’s Internet Usage Policy for group Public.”]
We were utterly surrounded by twenty thousand or more totally normal (!) queers directly under the Big Dipper on an absolutely perfect night. Rich commented that it is “rare to see the stars from downtown.”
The playbill was perfect too, with one top hit following after another. Rich and Kelly competed to “name that tune” and hit the timing of the chorus just right. 🙂 There were MANY people who knew these tunes, when the mic was turned out to the audience you could easily hear us bellowing along.
Since we knew we were gonna be out late, we lazed through the entire day. Yeah, a rough life, tell me about it! En route to the big show, we stopped off at a particular nephew’s sixteenth birthday party, where I told Zoe she is a purty cat and Lynn accepted graciously.
Eight of the thirteen teenagers present played XBox (and lost) to a team of six from The Netherlands. When we returned after the concert they were playing a version of hide-and-seek involving base camp (safety) at the trampoline. We were thankful no one called the cops on the rowdies.

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