Inti Raymi

Ok, so the Summer Solstice is still twenty-nine days away. But I know where Isabel and Luis are going to be: at the Festival of the Sun!

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I know I won’t make it to visit them in Ecuador this year, but you can bet Cuenca and this Incan temple is on my list of necessary world travels. ­čÖé
Lava hosted a great party, as usual (although that grill was definitely functioning on Latin/African time…hmmm, maybe that was a function of the chefs?!). Lava had an extra special glow because of his near touch with Bono. I don’t know, perhaps he should not wash that finger anymore anyway? A mere inch of space is hardly enough to impede the energy vibes of such celebrity. Speaking of celebrities, Alex ensconced herself queen-like next to the remains of the kegger from Saturday’s bash (see more photos), and Zeynep appeared at the end of the evening to a round of warm hugs. There were many hugs, actually, except from that insensitive psychologist who makes sure not to talk with me long enough to provide blog material. ­čśë People are leaving, alas. Some of them will not be back: thus we are cast among the winds of fortune and narrative!
Franz suggests people “fall into place” and we invent narratives that imbue this “falling” with meaning. Yep. Guilty! I choose my narrative. For instance, taking a nap pre-party and arriving just in time to snarf sausages without having to muscle through the masses allowed me to confirm my own intuitive sense of flow. “But everything flows,” Franz would argue. “Things could have worked out many different ways and each way would have had it’s own flow.” Yes. And. I make my story about how events do flow, how they have flowed, to bridge the gaps that might otherwise turn sour. I also love those who can take the potentially sour and make it funny: that spontaneous conversational revisionism about ecosexuality was hilarious!
We are not an average group, y’know? Not just because of the varied mix of nationalities and disciplines, but because of a common desire to connect, mingling our ways together so we can laugh at what we produce.
What kind of bridges can we forge? Which gaps can we fill?
A toast I say, to laughter!

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