Interpret This!

“Plans are now beginning laid out to increase project collaborations, where appropriate, between the ICDP and the IODP.”
Details are at the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program. Note:
“The evaluation of the relative importance of anthropogenic versus natural forces in controlling climatic and environmental change.”
Just remember:

No road is too long with good company.
…..Turkish proverb

5 thoughts on “Interpret This!

  1. Thanks for the Turkish proverb about good company during the long road. I will keep that thought up front this Mother’s Day weekend.

  2. I am so behind. 🙂 (Maybe I have a big behind?!) I’ve had a blogpost in mind nearly every day for the past week…maybe I will still get a few of them up.

  3. Belated Happy Birthday! I told ya I would forget:-)
    How are you doing? I go reunited with a very close friend after a year and half of stuff. I am very happy about that. Just taught language and gender to a bunch of rather disinterested babies. All else is well.
    Love and hugs

  4. Ila, I’m gonna be teaching language but don’t yet know about gender – if it comes up, yes, if it doesn’t….?
    I am hoping my students are not disinterested!

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