I almost always tip street musicians. At least, I have since beginning to travel in Europe where one encounters them fairly frequently. I give more to those I truly enjoy, but I tip everyone because I like the idea. I wish it happened in the States more often. In fact, I was thrilled last fall when a guy was outside Puru’s favorite burrito joint (Bueno y Sano) playing a 12-string guitar (I think that’s what it was). You bet I tipped him! Sure, sometimes I can’t or don’t linger, but it is the idea: art-between-the-moments, squeezed into rush hour, a reminder that pleasure is possible, a reprieve from the cacophony of traffic, cellphonechatter, and silent stares.
I would have loved to have wandered past Joshua Bell during this experiment by The Washington Post.

2 thoughts on “ghosts”

  1. I love the idea too. I remember one time in Rome I was walking in the ancient city and heard this woman sing and her voice is still fresh in my mind. I tip ’em too. Art is not as appreciated as it should be:)

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