writing program background

Searching for the proper citation of the ENG112 primary textbook, I came across the Annual Report of the University Writing Committee AY 2005-2006. Noted near the end:
“In Spring 2006, the UWC discussed the questions concerning online presentation of student work (such as through wikis) and the possible ramifications these may have in First-Year and Junior-Year Writing. The UWC recommended addressing this during the 2006-2007 academic year.” (p. 3). Which might refer obiquely (?) to me, since I first used a course wiki in Spring of 2006.
Also, note Section 4 on the Curriculum for College Writing (ENGLWRIT 112 and 113).

“ENGLWRIT 112 and 113 offer the same curriculum, but 113 uses the Writing Program’s computer lab for in-class work. A common syllabus is used in all sections of these courses.
The curriculum for ENGLWRIT 112 begins with the belief that good writing can never be defined outside of context and writing emerges from a combination of a writer’s motives and external influences (e.g., responses to events and texts) or contextual demands (e.g., professional, academic) that prompt one to write. If writing emerges from context, then the choices one makes about how to best compose a text also emerge in response to that context: the audience’s expectations, the writers’ goals, what’s been previously written on the topic taken up, the style used, etc. Thus, the quality of a given essay can only be assessed according to how well a writer’s choices meet the contextual demands for which she is composing. Therefore, ENGLWRIT 112 courses are all based on the same, four premises:

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