Jacob’s Join

Linus throws a good party! While my own contribution of cheese, salami, and crackers was standard, most folk brought homemade dishes of delectable variety: Camaroonian, Romanian, and South Asian were my favorites. (One cannot go wrong with spinach, mushrooms, or garam masala, IMO.)
There was a nice blend of folks I know and new people to meet. The introductions would go like this: Robert and Andre (computer science), me (social science), Deniz (no science). Joseph (engineering) is working on a solar energy solution to save the planet. Rajiv “dances to live.” Nicole keeps department secrets. Sarah looks to California, while Lava looks west (check out these American Deaf Fastest Hands).
I had fun recounting my four-pronged attempts to communicate with a Deaf Turk who hosted me in Istanbul last summer (a gestural combination of American Sign Language and Turkish Sign Language, handwritten English and drawings, an English-Turkish translation program, and a different Turkish-English translation program). Hey ho Recep! You’ve been on my mind!

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