Day of Remembrance/President’s Day

On February 19, 1942, President Delano Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066 which ordered over 110,000 Japanese Americans on the West Coast and over 2500 from Hawaii sent to inland USA concentration camps. Some German Americans and Italian Americans were also apprehended in Hawaii and sent to Sand Island, Honouliuli and mainland camps. All this was done without formal charges.
In 1988, forty-three years after the end of WWII, only those Japanese Americans who were wrongly incarcerated were given an apology and $20,000. The surving family members of those who had passed on were given neither an apology nor any financial restitution. In addition none of the German Americans nor Italian Americans – whether they were living or not received apologies or money.
The Japanese Latin Americans, kidnapped and brought to Crystal City, Texas, to be used as hostages for Americans trapped in Japan were also shamefully treated.
See the 30 minutes award-winning film, UNRECT: An Untold Chapter of Hawaii’s Past about the German and Italian Americans by Punahou senior high school student, Taylour Chang. The film will feature testimonies by those who were arrested and incarcerated as well as their surviving adult children. Meet and talk to two of the invited guests who experienced this injustice: Doris Berg Nye, German American and Joe Pacific, Italian American.
In addition to mark this Day of Remembrance hear guest featured speaker, Dr. Saleem Ahmed, author of Beyond the Veil and Holy War, Islamic Teachings and Muslim Practices with Biblical Comparisons. His emphasis will be on how we can live in peace together.
Co-sponsored by the University of Hawaii Muliticultural Student Services Department
Sure wish I could attend! Thanks for sharing the info, Steve.

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