Cultural Studies

I took a hiatus from proposing to conferences because of the big trip (upcoming) to Australia and the tentative plans (visa still in the works) to go to Iran. However, time moves along and new opportunities arise, especially in regard to my proposed dissertation topic. For instance, it would behoove me to attend INTER: A European Cultural Studies Conference in Sweden, however it is this June. I can’t imagine being able to pull off this trip. ­čÖü
Then there’s Re-Thinking Cultural Economy next fall (September 5-7, 2007), and another conference in Istanbul (E/Im/Migration and Culture), which is simply tempting. ­čÖé
Similarly, next spring is an International Communication Association conference: What is an Organization? Materiality, Agency and Discourse (May 22-26 2008 in Montreal).
I definitely, however, would like to plan to attend my second Association of Cultural Studies conference, which will be in Jamaica next summer (July 3-7, 2008). At the end of last year’s conference in Istanbul, a challenge was issued to become knowledgeable of the Caribbean context. The primary organizer of next year’s conference has provided a neat tool to facilitate the educational process for outsiders: Carribean Cultural Studies.

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