Comm-Grad Legacy

You may or may not be aware that Comm-Grads have an established reputation (Nov 14, 2005 Rally for our Pay!) for activism (April 22, 2005 A21 Walkout and Boycott) concerning campus labor issues.
One of our very own is President of GEO this year, Srinivas Lankala.
Many of us attended a bargaining session on March 13, 2005 that was downright rude. This is where we’re headed again if we delay our show of strength.
Perry Irwin (our lighthearted GEO steward) and I are organizing two sign-making parties for one hour each on Wednesday morning (that’s tomorrow) from 11:10-12:10 in the Graduate Lounge and again Thursday morning just prior to the rally (check with Perry for details on that one).
suggestions to date:

Hey, maybe the COPS can teach!
Aww, that’s OK; I LIKE waiting for raises.
My debt’s bigger than your debt, UMass!
I’ll give you five bricks for that TA!

SUPPLIES: We need posterboard, cardboard, etc to write on (bring markers too if you have favorites but we have a bunch).
SCOPE: If we make good/sturdy signs now, we can post them in the halls of Machmer and re-use as necessary.

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