treachery and tragedy

This short video (sent by Steve, thanks) details some of the facts of Saddam Hussein’s official association with the US federal government as a CIA operative.
I view it for the first time having recently seen The Good Shepherd, a movie about the origins of the Central Intelligence Agency that is as depressing as one can imagine. Forget honor and all noble callings. The ethic instilled and operationalized is simple: trust no one. Ever. Those who aren’t malicious or playing both sides of the game (not enough adrenalin just playing for one?) will also let you down through naivete or sheer stubbornness.
Octavia Butler wrote in the Xenogenesis series that humanity’s Achilles heel is the need for hierarchy. Her science fiction saga takes seriously the notion that aliens could defeat us – not militarily (moot) but socially. I wonder if a concurrent need for intrigue hastens the spiral of violence that our governments cannot find the will to break.

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