Spare Man returns

Four spares in the first five frames…makes one wonder! But the real return was Luscious, now married with a shaved head and bit of weight gain: “Blissful!” Lava bowled with the grrls, which seemed to enhance his performance – until Jinglan’s transformation by gender and nationality into Mr. “Bring-it-on!” Linus. I won that game. 🙂 A firsttime bowler, Jinglan got directions about aiming with the arrows from Marcus…she rolled the lightest, softest, straightest balls. Later in the evening there was some hilarity concerning Marcus’ management of heavy balls . . . I was confused about the joke of pulling fingers (from Children of Men, highly recommended), and Lava had me pulling on his threads . . .
Anuj bowled, according to a pal, “in his customary fashion.” Nicole and I complemented each other, bowling in adjacent lanes, “you got what I missed.” She wondered how I know this group, I explained that after two years I had apparently passed some kind of test. “Or he thought the group was appropriate and worthy of your time.” ahem
Luscious was full of advice for me: “If you’re going to err, err on the left. Bowling right-handed, if you hit the gutter at least you went through the middle!” Not only is marriage blissful, he’s loving fulltime school and proved it by recommending we all ought to read Words That Work. He was intrigued by the NPR interview he heard en route. Other sales pitches were made in search of a daily morning massage.
All-in-all, quite a satisfactory reunion. 🙂

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