Who are these people?

Charlie the Quilter complained about female chauvinism (“No, honey, you can’t help set the table”) trapping him in a stereotypical gender role. Sydney was not interested in being introduced to me until I was willing to be tied up “forever and ever.” (Karen suggested some folks might pay for the privilege of such bondage.) Sydney’s cousins are da bomb, although one was banned from the grown-up table and the other doesn’t know about real computers. George’s gardens have attracted fat squirrels and plump birds, including the sweetest wren I ever saw, while Jackie holds the longest tenure in kindergarten of anyone I know. Patsy’s flirtation with shaving her head was one of her milder contributions to the evening.
This group of friends and family blended personalities, energies, and interests in an extraordinary way. Everyone got busted &emdash; e.g., I was informed about my major in Sanskrit, who knew? &emdash; yet no one’s feelings were hurt. Rumor wants to suggest it was all a bluff, but discourse indicates otherwise.
{photos pending}

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