The Biscuit Tin of Life

We (ha! – first-timers) survived the “T” – Boston’s subway system.
“Just as the RICH TEA BISCUIT lives in HARMONY with the LUXURY CHOCOLATE FINGER, so should we all live in HARMONY together in the great assorted biscuit tin that we call LIFE.” ~ Edward Monkton
We visited the Institute of Contemporary Art and thoroughly enjoyed the SuperVision special exhibition. I particularly enjoyed a work by Sigmar Polke, There is nothing more real than Pictures You Can’t Get Out of your Mind, depicting a honeycombed carbon atom; a neat infinity mirror of Czech glass, and the narration for a videoinstallation showing nighttime surveillance images of people trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border by Chantal Akerman. She describes “the politics of seeing &emdash; and being seen” (From the Other Side). Many of the works required more artistic sophistication than we possess to be properly appreciated, but most of them elicited a reaction of one kind or another.
Our bar and grille dinner on the waterfront was reminiscent of many a visit to Seattle and the other side of the family: fish and chips, burgers, chicken fingers. I tried to stretch Midwest tastes to mussels boiled with garlic and herbs. Not. (Oh well. Can’t blame a (bad) Aunt for trying!)
We finished the evening with dessert and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Fun, but longer than the Kracken‘s tentacles!

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