stretch, move, shake

Getting teenage boys out of bed is some kinda maternal patience maker.
It finally did happen, and we headed out for breakfast in Kenmore Square, which “in the old days” (we were informed by a policeofficer) “was known for its nightlife.” (Someone highly recommended this area to us – now we know what era she belongs to!) After some exercise walking to the Busy Bee Diner, we snarfed breakfast (at lunchtime) before jumping on the sight-seeing trolley. While Austin napped (!), Christi and I learned that it was not Paul Revere who made the successful ride to warn of the British (nor was it William Dawes, another of the three who set out), rather Dr. Samuel Prescott was the only one of the three to reach Concord, enabling a successful defense.
The trolley ride combined contemporary culture and commercialism with a smattering of history. It kept us warm and we definitely saw more of Boston than we would have with the Freedom Trail Walk, which truly deserves a fresh summer day.
The Museum of Science was cool, even though we did miss the supposedly amazing Bodyworks 2. Who knew reservations were needed days in advance? Not us. 🙁 (NOTE for better planning, next time.)
The infamous Just-in-Time joined us after all the exhibits and touristdom to play chauffer for a yummy dinner and Baskin-Robbins ice cream excursion to the far reaches of Newton. We were disappointed by the absence of mint chocolate chip but eggnog redeemed the evening. Jet Li successfully capped off the night: Fearless, based on the Chinese national hero, Hua Yuanjia.

2 thoughts on “stretch, move, shake”

  1. WOW! Who knew I’d finally make the BLOG, as an unidentified, someone! Hope that Kenmore Square had something to offer to you all and that you had a great time. Glad that both Christi and Austin could make it up to Boston to see you over the holidays. Love you all, Kelly

  2. Well, Kelly, we *did* play sidewalk soccer as we walked the 3/4 mile to the Busy Bee Diner for breakfast (which was highly recommended by one of Boston’s finest southie cops).
    It was sunny.

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