my students are awesome (3)

“I will always have the choice of writing for myself,
or writing to fill space.
My work will come out substandard if I give in to the latter temptation . . . I can allow myself to be lazy
whenever I am assigned a new project.
I have realized, however, that
apathy not only has negative repercussions
when report cards come out, but
it hurts my psyche as well.”
~ Julian
“A major issue that has arisen is that I make statements regarding a topic, and I will not explain that statement, it will be an awkward statement in the middle of a paragraph. When I write the statement, in my head, it sounds right because there is reasoning that only I know, that I forget to explain in my paper. That reasoning is essential to the statement.” ~ Erin
“I am excited to see my writing improving gradually. What remains the same is the speaker’s voice…I analyze and view issues from my perspective and share my thoughts with my peers…this writing strategy should be kept because it is a part of my writing style, my voice.” ~ Lincey
“I wrote [a short plan on what changes I wanted to make to my essay] after receiving my peer edits. It was a helpful way to think about what my fellow student had said about my essay and decide what feedback I wanted to listen to and what advice I did not want to take. This way I knew what I wanted to do before actually beginning to edit my essay. This helped me make the most of the limited amount of time I had to edit my essay and made my edits more effective and focused.” ~ Kathleen
“I still don’t like approaching the rhetorical situation in such a specific manner because I am a naturalist. I don’t need to be forced to pay attention to ethos, pathos, and logos. It’s hard to avoid thinking about who I am, what I am saying, and who I am saying it to while writing. Once again, the rhetorical situation is a tool that can help but is not a rule.” ~ Michael
“I have to write this reflection using more detail and precision [than the first one], since the broader topics were already addressed. Instead of just being able to sit down and write the letter, I really had to go through my work and look for the information and detail I needed. Unlike before, I did not know the answers this time. This is not to imply that I do not know what my goals are, or what I am still struggling with. It does mean, though, that I am not sure of the whys and hows behind these general themes.” ~ Jemma

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