more like baccanalia than sun-worship

We were the only ones at the sunwheel but we confessed the crime like good Bacchanalites: from Kathamandu (Nepal), Arad (Romania), Siberia (Russia), Massachusetts and Vermont (USA). Eight of us, two who stayed wide awake all night (!), two who barely dozed, and the other four who did crap out for a few of the wee hours. The last crew left just after 4 am – the Bhutanese, Turks, and some Americans. The first to abandon us (circa 2 am) were the Columbians….somewhere in the middle we lost the other Nepalese, Chinese, French (?), Germans, and Australians (watch out for those dance moves! (If it isn’t obvious, they just keep me around cuz I’m good domestic help.)
Thanks, all, for another night to remember. 🙂

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