Index: Dialogue Under Occupation (DUO)

Posts regarding the conference this past November (2006), in chronological order (most recent last). I still have some notes I’ve been planning to write up and add to the archive. (We’ll see if/when I get around to it…perhaps soonish?)
February 22: Dialogue under Occupation (DUO)
November 4: Decentering Conflictual Discourse (DUO)
November 9: Polycentricity (DUO)
November 9: Turning disagreement to dialogue (DUO)
November 10: Independent Nation of Hawai’i (DUO)
November 12: Thin-Slicing (DUO)
November 13: Language (DUO)
November 29: “Begin” (DUO)
December 15: Shovrim Shtika” (DUO)

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