Austin appears in Northampton

In big ball bowling (as opposed to little ball bowling), Dastardly Dan scored his highest ever. Strong Minor Bridge bowled a double, a miss, and a turkey for 5 strikes in 6 turns. Christ-with-an-I became intimately familiar with Grace-Margaret (that unfortunately-yet-accurately-named remaining single pin). “>Shinobi shined, but those three young un’s only beat us oldies by six pins (446-440) when we bowled on the wii.
Prior to “our Japanese dinner” (at Teapot), a discussion about the differences between whiffling and snoring was held. I’m still wondering about an intermediary. Not so regarding the difference between waffling and fibbing. The fibblers left us way too soon! :-/

One thought on “Austin appears in Northampton”

  1. I believe this is how I came up with the art of creating words. In college Rich Hall’s Sniglets were a main form of entertainment. I haven’t yet found that whiffling means light snoring, but I’ll keep trying!
    I’d like to attach our pic from bowling, but not sure how. I’ll send to you, Steph.

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