“Would you light my candle?”

I haven’t been to a musical in ages. On the way in to Springfield Symphony Hall last night, I noticed a banner for Jesus Christ Superstar, a childhood favorite along with Godspell. My brother and I used to listen to those soundtracks for hours.
Music enhanced the rousing performance, adding that ‘larger than life’ quality to the mundane and tragic. The balance of tragedy and comedy in Rent felt right, the laughs softening me up for Angel’s death and Mimi’s accusation that Roger didn’t want to watch her die. I felt these scenes, deep – Uncle Sam and Alec were close – along with a melange of metaphoric associations: symbolic death, potential vision, psychic plays of presence and absence.
Not knowing more than that Rent was wildly popular on Broadway, I absorbed with pleasure the multigendered characters and multiethnic cast. A money/consumption-fame/happiness schizophrenia underlies the script, subtly rebuking the notion that acceptance of diversity is in-and-of-itself a solution to the challenges facing contemporary US society.

3 thoughts on ““Would you light my candle?””

  1. oh, i absolutely loved this play! i’ve seen it twice on stage and watched it many times on film 🙂 glad you got to see it!

  2. Does it translate well to film? One of the stage effects was an enlarged shadow on the back brick wall. Wicked cool. I was also pleasantly surprised to recognize some of the soundtrack. 🙂

  3. I think people are more likely to prefer the stage production, but i thought there were some pros and cons to both. there were some things that were a bit confusing on stage that were clearer on film — yet some scenes were more exciting on stage.. most of the actors in the film were from the original cast of Rent which I think contributed to the quality of the film.

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