the paper trail matters

I recently remembered working as a ballot-counter in Indianapolis, IN over a decade ago. It was a great experience in accountable democracy. There were a dozen of us, most experienced, a few – like me and my partner – verifying the vote for the first time. There was comfort and camraderie not only among the respective Republicans and Democrats, but also between us. The shared citizenship mattered even as anxieties rose and fell with the ongoing tallies and palpable disappointment/thrill of losing/winning the precinct.
Oh how times change, especially with communication technology. Hacking Democracy details concerns with electronic voting. Mark Crispin Miller spoke about election fraud last spring at a conference hosted by the Communication Department at UMass Amherst, Communication in Crisis. Miller was in town for an updated presentation last week. I bumped into him and Viveca at The Black Sheep; he was predicting we will be ‘fooled again’ today. I hope he is wrong, but no one has done more than him in documenting the evidence.
I posted some resources from Tom Atlee regarding the potential for problems with electronic voting machines back in July 2003.
I wouldn’t go so far as to say what happens this election proves or disproves any claims. I do think we need to be watching carefully and bracing ourselves to recognize, admit, and challenge the integrity of our voting system. What’s wrong with having proof? Of course there are critiques of the cases made in the materials I’ve linked – fine and dandy. Let’s debate! Still – what’s wrong with having proof?

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