stray turkeys

You’re cooking Thanksgiving?!! Friends and family scoffed.
Do they know what they’re in for?
How will you fool them?
They’re foreigners.
Ah, they don’t the difference!
And so it was. I was “the man”, none of us were “unique snowflakes,” gender ambiguity ruled (although someone did refuse to toast balls), food and drink were consumed in grand proportion. There was a syllable contest, eastern European rivalries were pursued with vigor (e.g., Romanian jazz vs Hungarian show tunes), assistance offered optionally and authoritarian directives disseminated. (I had nothing to do with the basking of the turkey.) Dysfunctional violence was kept to a minimum (mere verbal harassment, a few hurled pickled veggies) but enacted so as to capture the full flavor of typical US holiday dynamics.
It turned out well that we couldn’t locate the football game. Instead, we watched Kontroll. It seems just as well that I have missed out on Budapest’s subway system both times I’ve been there. This debut film by Nimrod Antal is dubbed “the most popular movie in Hungary” by one who should know. David periodically commented, “Jumping in front of the subway is a popular form of committing suicide,” or “That happens everyday.” The still unanswered question: why are there no turnstiles?
By the way, gravy fixes everything.

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