my students are awesome

“When you write to fulfill a task, it is noticeable because every paragraph will seem alike and as if they are only meant to complete your assignment. If you write more openly to the reader, then they will feel more comfortable and will enjoy reading it more.” ~ Neil

“Write as if you want to send an important message to the reader,
so that your paper will be more sophisticated and flow better.”
~ Neil

Proofreading: “Though it may not catch every small grammar mistake, I often find argument flaws and discontinuities in my writing as I proofread, making it an essential step in my path to great writing.” ~ Sharon
“I realized that while fixing my first essay I did not look up my mistakes. Instead, I just corrected what Steph had written without knowing what I was fixing and why I was doing these corrections.” ~ Megan
“I realized that everything that is written in a paper, affects something else.” ~ Megan
“I need to reserve a large amount of time to write good papers. I can not write an effective paper in one night; I need to reserve time over a few days to revisit my writing to make changes and corrections. I will always need to allow time to write a quality paper.” ~ Nicki
“It isn’t that I do not care to fix my mistakes; it is that I did not know I was making a mistake until recently….Now that I know it is a problem, it will be easier to fix.” ~ Nicki

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