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The counter-terrorism agent, a.k.a. 1/2 of Drunk-with-Power, owns this book, Trouble in Transylvania. A certain weasel I know might quote it in her dissertation. “I don’t understand all this ethnic squabbling in Europe,” Strong Minor Bridge read outloud with indignation (p. 62). Isgro wondered “what the hell” we were up to in the hallway (two Romanians and me). This following Art’s passage “back and forth, and forth and back” for beer. Did I mention the birthday grrl was wearing an ugly doll t-shirt?
There was the moment when Cautiously Concerned about Confidentiality thought I was expressing my undying love to her. Not to mention the colleague who’s desperate to take me clothes shopping. The other half of Drunk On Power keeps threatening to show up in priest’s gear but it is obviously a bluff, “blackout” or not.
My plants are in (more-or-less) good hands except that one is apparently morphing into an alien from outer space. Dunno what’s up with that. Although it might go along with the late-deafened character on someone’s “story” who’s gonna get a cochlear implant and perpetuate linguistic genocide. I definitely spoiled a pro-Deval discussion in the kitchen…(although I admit to disappointment that websites do not identify authors, hence lacking credibility), and then continued with talk of election fraud via electronic vote fixing. (Go Steph Go!) :-/
Parental zombification was a topic of conversation in some quarters, designated driving in others. An age competition was handily won by yours truly. The deviled eggs were awesome.
fyi, there was not enough focaccia to go around.

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