child’s eyes

How can you do that, meet a stranger and be friends right now?” A five-year-old voice piped up behind the woman asking me for directions. “It’s the way people are supposed to be with each other,” his grandmother responded, “Doesn’t it feel good to see?” I smiled at him, “It’s a pretty cool thing, huh man?” He grinned back.
She was looking for her daughter in the Worcester Dining Commons and was worried about leaving her car parked next to the Campus Center. I told her there was a parking lot over there. “Is it free?” “No,” I said, “but what’s the difference between breaking the rules here and breaking them over there?” We shared a great laugh and that was that.
I wonder at that little boy’s wonder. Was it our ethnic difference that made the connection so implausible or the immediate recognition between kindred spirits? Or, maybe he is just shy. 🙂

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