There were tears and gnashing of teeth at Dr. Pu’s farewell party this past Tuesday. People were shocked to find he was not yet gone. Alas, the celebration continued regardless. :-0 Puruman was mildly surprised. “Dada must be in the shower,” he mused while unlocking the apartment door. “What’s this?” he asked, noticing the spread of food on the table after turning on the lights. Then he noticed the shoes and began naming their respective owners. Eventually, giggling was heard from the bedroom. (No one knows what went on in there!)
Most people came for the meal.

puru chows.jpg

Smita and Fugu prepared “fast food”, Aloo Tikki with Chole (that’s potato cakes with chickpea curry), accompanied by tamarind chutney and yogurt (see my third helping). Dada contributed bread (and random noises from his laptop). The meal was devoured. Apparently the biggest surprise of the evening was how eager Ambu was to get to the mall. Dr. Pu applied his legendary caution and painstaking criteria to the selection of a perfect pair of shoes for his father. There was much traffic in and out. No Satya, Puru is not going to buy you a pack of cigarettes: not now, not ever. That white shirt did look spiffy, though. “Puru is generous,” Dada explained, “only when he’s leaving.” Sourya scored a kurta (he’s still waiting for his second drink). Smita “got twenty bloody hangars.” Hey, don’t complain! The rest of us just got dessert.
The woman nicknamed for a poisonous delicacy assured Satya there were no eggs in the bananabread. Several folks still turned it down, even though “Smita made it from the ground up!” It was a nice combo, I thought, warmed and served with vanilla ice cream.
Rajesh spent time perusing The Checkbook and the Cruise Missile, which this literate crowd mused was named as a play on The Lexus and the Olive Tree. Depayan won the “who has the worst TA” contest, but Ambarish was deemed the “Banana Bread Queen.” A hard title to beat, though Satya flirted with being the Off-Color King. (He was also told, “Don’t die in my car.) Shiva manned the camera. Krishna ate. So did Chris.
Talking to the hand” did not lead to any change in Dr. Pu’s plans.
talk to the hand Fugu.jpg

On Wednesday night, the final feast at Bueno y Sano was attended by some of the same crowd, Hema (who’s down with “Dr. Pu”), Giri, Rmaya, Ravi, and Sarbjeet. All kinda folk been droppin’ by the apartment too.
The good news is I finally got my laptop back from the IndiaBorg Collective.

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