a storm swept through us

Adam and Eve “We’re just an old couple” showed up with their son, Rastaman. They were late, however, beaten to the game by Boy Scout and Den Mother, who brought City Kitty and Rascal (no surprise the dawg won the donut-eating contest). A (recently married) couple of aging hippies appeared, tailed by a Counter-Terrorism Agent (who flashed a pizza cutter at my throat to extort two votes in the pumpkin contest). Spare Man arrived without Hot Stuff 🙁 – his teeth still glowed.
A slew of strangers arrived. Walter? Andrew? (Who snuck out before performing; a return is now required.) They swore they knew Dracula, who was apparently delayed by blood feasting. A Russian Vulcan who didn’t know Spock clearly needed reconstructive surgery for those reverse ears, but the closest we had to a doctor in the house was a plant cell biologist. The Goddess-of-the-Empty-Cornucopia wielded no more magic than the Witch-of-the-House, whose Dark Ally mirrors reflected a lack of glue.
One of my students arrived (wtf?) as a member of Cleopatra’s (underage) entourage. [FERPA censors – no illegal consumption of beverages was allowed.] Cleopatra, by the way, won the random door prize and the Dark Ally won best costume (suckin’ up to the host, you gotta watch these people!) Boy Scout, a.k.a. Pyro, repeated his pumpkin-carving victory from two years ago. (Actually, Pyro took credit for a second victory but the record shows someone else actually won…???) 😉
The Cheshire Cat approved the Woman-of-Flowers (especially after coaching on how to hack a pumpkin). All wine was drunk, most food eaten, nothing broke, and the mess will be cleaned up before the landlords return.

What a party!

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  1. I wasn’t sure of potential penalties for revealing the parameters of your actual weaponry; now I KNOW you’re trying to trap me! Fortunately, my counter-counter-terrorism skills will protect me. 🙂

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