“Two more! Just two more!”

I opened with a strike. It counted for Lava though, contributing to his high score of 160. I bowled as if I was him because Elodie, one of the first-time bowlers, needed a lesson and Lava was off getting a beverage. By the time Spare Man (formerly Little Brother, but who needs endearments when they have a cat?) and Hot Stuff finally arrived we were well along in the first game. Maria led her lane through the fifth frame, proclaiming, “I should play with them &emdash; they are my team!” She scored went on to score a personal best. 🙂
I had not intended to blog about bowling because I taught earlier and thought that would be my post-of-the-day. I’m still going to write class up (because the students are awesome), but after ten minutes I knew it was going to be a good night on the lanes. So I handed out my new business cards (much simpler than the cumbersome informed consent form…although I may still have to get to that eventually…or not…)…
Despite Spare Man’s disparagement (“That’s not how you relate to people!”), I added five more people to Reflexivity’s zone-of-something: Ivan, Shaun, Insa, Elodie, and Silja. We always have quite the diverse mix, but this was like international night: Romania (2), Germany (2), US (2), France (1), Columbia (1), Nepal (1), Guatemala (1). In no particular order. 🙂 (If I remembered inaccurately or am otherwise misinformed, please correct me.)
Conversation flowed as freely as the bowling balls &emdash; in and out of the gutter. 🙂 I fielded a couple of questions about the blog and my work…it only took 45 seconds for Silja to tell me, “It’s getting complicated.” Yes yes yes! Awful how my character just keeps on doing that! Insa tolerated me for awhile longer but I have a suspicion she was just humoring me. 🙂 Juan kept trying to jinx my ball into the gutter but it backfired on him every single time: “Who’s going to tease who?” he queried. Speaking of which, the mysterious email I received in Spanish this summer was attributed to a jug of sangria: “I was a little happy when I sent it.” Meanwhile, Lava worked to get his spin back, Shaun showed no mercy, Spare Man and Spare Woman battled it out to the last frame of the last game, I received two (count them, 1, 2!) “gay fives”, and was challenged by a (diminutive) public interest group about the integrity of this blog in the public sphere: would someone’s high score of 175 appear or not?
“Two more,” I hollered at Spare Man as he tried to close a 30-pin gap in Game 2. Gutter Girl thought I was talking to her, as if two more pins would make a difference. 😮 Who knows? Sometime they might!

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