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The Graduate Student Grant Service assists with certain grant applications, and the Office of National Scholarship Advisement assists with others, including:

Grants for Graduate Study or Pre-Doctoral Research
Nine full Fulbright grants are available to U.S. graduate students for study on topics related to the European Union. Grants are tenable in any of the Member States of the EU. Awards are offered to graduate students and advanced doctoral candidates with clearly-defined projects that require the student’s presence at EU institutions in any of the Member States of the EU or at academic institutions within the EU specializing in EU affairs. Preference will be given to projects tenable in two Member States of the EU.
Complete information from the website of the Institute of International Education ( or by contacting
U.S. Student Program
Institute of International Education
809 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017-
As a currently enrolled student, I have to follow these procedures:
Students who are currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs at U.S. colleges or universities must apply through the Fulbright Program Advisers (FPAs) on their campuses. To locate the FPA on your campus, please click here.
* Each institution sets its own campus deadline for Fulbright applications, which will be earlier than the IIE deadline.
* Consult the FPA to determine the deadline at your college or university.
* Campus deadlines usually fall between mid-September and early October.
Applicants must collect all supporting documents, e.g., foreign language report, references, transcripts, etc., and submit them with the hard copy application to their campus FPA.
Supporting documents must be received by the FPA in their original sealed envelopes with the signature or stamp of the individual or institution across the flap.
Applicants must also submit the application electronically in order to provide the FPA with access to it.
FPAs will arrange for campus interviews of all Fulbright applicants from their campuses.
Upon completion of the campus interviews, the FPA will forward applications (electronically by October 20, 2006 and in hard copy by October 23, 2006) to the Institute of International Education.
I am seeking a full grant.
Read all the tips and get moving!

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