Turkish-English translation

It hasn’t been so easy finding good software for my Mac OS X (version 10.3.9).
Some online resources:
Seslisozluk, which also has a discussion forum.
Someone’s list of word-phrase translations.
Hmm…this could be useful, an explanation of adding Turkish fonts to a Mac.
Some widgits for my dashboard:
Elmasuyunet [which does not seem to be available for download? ­čÖü wah!] and Ligpuan, which shows the current weekly standings from the Turkish Premier Soccer League. (I’m interested, but it’s not much help with the language!)
I can track the Turkish financial market but I can’t translate to and from English! (Should I be frustrated?)
((nah. just keep looking.))
(((I found some Korean sites that look fun, but I may not be able to read them!)))
((((Too bad I can’t read French!))))

Harumph! I’ll look again later. :-/

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