Training Day 3 (writing)

Sarah, Haesang, and Deirdre taught me an important lesson about tension in writing. We read a narrative that was a beautifully crafted analogy between a 5K race and life. Perhaps it spoke to me because I feel I just completed a particularly difficult stage in life’s “race” this summer? Perhaps because it reminded me so much of Sam? I defended giving it a high grade because it clearly came from a perspective of privilege, unlike the other two essays in which the writers grappled with intense dysjunctures between their own sense of self/identity and that which gets imposed on them by other people’s stereotypes.
I was wondering to myself how much it is our job to disrupt students’ sense of equanimity? Maybe this is similar to the question Haesang asked, about the degree to which we “push” students to … do what? What are pushing them toward? Our own sense of politics? Our own world view? Our own level of critical analysis?
I know I would like for them to think broadly and relationally, to question their own knowledge(s), to be as suspect of their own perceptions as they are of others, to not be afraid to question and challenge each other and me. (A strategy that works because I’m confident in the authority/authorization of my position – an outcome of experimentation and experience.)
Meanwhile, I would like Ari (if they accept) to be my GoTo Grammar Man and Sarah my Structured-Activity Queen. When I need a reality check I’ll touch base with Haesang, a.k.a. Revolutionary Leader.

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