“talk to strangers”

I tried to skip town fast but Lee cut me and June off at the pass and plied me with provisions. (I ate everything. I want to know the brand of those lemon wafers.)
I needed it after June conned me into yoga torture at the hands of a Russian contortionist at 8 am on Sunday morning. (What was I thinking?!)
Lee sent me off with two tips: “talk to strangers” (but of course!) and “watch the gap” (between train and platform). I think she meant them both literally, but I pondered the second as a metaphor. I’m always watching for “the gap” in communication, meaning, relationship… how, when, why, to what ends (functions, effects) do these gaps get mediated? Are they closed, bridged, widened? Do they cause problems (too much distance) or prevent them (provide a buffer)? What are the options in approach and intent that align more tightly with desired outcomes? Is there “an outcome” that is desired or is the gap nonconsequential?
Creation was still much on mind, loose images from Deb’s paintings floating across my brainscape. I kept thinking of Immanuel Velikovsky and his argument about planetary evolution and its impact on the species. I extrapolate that creation and evolution are violent, catastrophic events (not the nice warm and cozy mitosis where a cell painlessly and smoothly subdivides…)
I successfully navigated the NYC subway before spending the second half of the day on Greyhound (fun commentary from the driver – spicing up an essential feature of class culture).
Penn Station NYC.jpg
I almost finished reading an excellent biography of Ataturk on the bus (no motion sickness!)
Puru rescued me from the rain; the Razmobile started without hesitation; Smita cooked a great meal; Mei Mei pretended she didn’t know me. Welcome home!

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