(symbolic) end of a long journey

Upon seeing the intuitive acupuncturist it fully hit me: “I’ve been on a long journey.” If I’d been able to cut through the fog of jetlag and overcaffeination, I would have told her I felt stronger. Instead, I fumbled through a brief summary and asked, “How am I?” “Don’t give me that crap!” she promptly admonished me. “You know I just reflect back to you what your body already knows.” “Yeah, well, I want the confirmation.” 🙂
She checked my pulse. “Your life purpose is clearer! Congratulations!” 🙂 [I can’t describe it very clearly, but it is true I do sense this, somehow, inside myself.]
[Context note: as I am composing Puru is reading the Ramayana outloud for a handful of Indians who keep cracking up with laughter. I surmise it has something to do with Ganesh Chaturthi but the timing may in fact be merely coincidental.]
[[This is almost as good as the Bush and Schwarzenegger clips being played last night while I was writing the first draft of my “Self in Contradiction” homework. “Gobble gobble.”]]
“You need nurturance, of all kinds,” the IA continued. “Especially food.” “Really? I thought I might be overeating…” “I don’t think so. Good wholesome food. Do you have a way to get that?” Yeah. The best Indian food in the area. 🙂
She poked two needles into my lower right leg, one toward the inside of my foot nearer to my big toe, and the other most of the way up my shin. “I love working on you! Two needles and your body soaks it up!” I guess this is a good thing…
She leaves me to the treatment. My mind drifts. Life purpose. Dozing . . . memories . . . events from Istanbul . . . tasks in progress . . . things to do . . . what’s upcoming . . . so much for drifting. Alert now, I observe my mind continue to float from task to memory to project, emotions wafting among peace, sorrow, hope, anxiety…
The IA returns; I’ve shifted around, hands crossed over my forehead. “You’re cogitating.” “I just started, I was drifting before.” We discuss the drift for a bit. She announces me done for the day. I ask about the work of the needles. “Nurturance,” she replies. “You’re having a hard time coming home.”
Puru’s voice pierces my attention, reading aloud: “To lose heart is to lose everything.” I like that! Turns out its monkeys talking to each other about courage. 🙂

Diden Erk eye and hand.JPG.jpg

Angada said:
“No matter how hard the task,
one should never lose courage.
Courage is the key to success.
To lose heart is to lose everything.”

Ramayama by C. Rajagopalachari 1989 (26th edition) Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (p. 205).

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  1. Is Angada associated with a god or element? Was s/he commenting to Hanuman? I like the notion of being “a child of the wind.” 🙂

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