no cars on Heybeli!

So I rented a bike to tour the island.
horse race.JPG.jpg
It was fun to race. See me draw neck-and-neck!
And leave those four-legged beasts in the dust!
OK, I need to practice my one-handed driving, reverse photo-shooting skills. 🙂
Meanwhile, I won’t embarass the friend who recommended friends to me here on the island who then recommended me a place to stay right on the corner where the carriages wait. Horse pee is not a pleasant odor. :-/ Simi (sp?), who I rented the bicycle from, suggested I check out the private Greek school, but it was after hours. They have quite the view, though.
istanbul thru trees.JPG.jpg
I saw several (lucky?) feathers around, a butterfly of striking colors (red/orange on black), and a lizard (sorry for the limited zoom capacity).
They would not let me enter the Sanitorium. I was thinking I might be a suitable candidate. A third of the island is devoted to some naval purposes, and I couldn’t help but notice the guards. One guy I hadn’t seen in his tiny guardshack until he moved. Catching him out of the corner of my eye I actually backed up; he had leaned forward (apparently?) to watch my progress. I said, “That’s an awful job!” thinking of how interminably bored one must be. He panicked, shaking his head frantically. Poor fellow. The next guy, when I didn’t immediately look away, cracked and grinned. I grinned back but declined to engage him in conversation. Is this to be a new career? Taunting security personnel? Oy vey…
I had a fun conversation with Mustafa, Barik and their brother (the one with the best English, whose name I’ve forgotten, sigh) and their dad, Naim. Our communication was halting but they were so curious about me (american?!!) and eager to practice what they knew. This was at the nicest public beach, Cam Bay.
Cay Bay.JPG.jpg
The forest on this island is amazing. In many places it evokes a sense of the Elves forest, hiding Rivendell. 🙂 (There is a monastery back there, I discovered after the fantasy.) Anyway, the island gave me a terrific dose of blue before returning to the fading greens and burgeoning fall colors of the northeast US.

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