more from the Pera

In addition to the special exhibit, El/le, there were a couple of other exhibits on display.
An exhibit of “Portraits from the Empire” includes this classic, which is seen all over Istanbul:
And many others; I posted an excerpt of five hands from one already, and took this one of a pal.
There’s an even older series of paintings, called “Mehmed The Hunter’s Imperial Procession.”
I bought some replicas of the Kütahya ceramics. These come from a particular province that became famous during the Ottoman period for ceramics, tiles, and faience.
One of my favorite parts relates to the Anatolian weights and measures. I just think this stuff is cool. 🙂 Many of the same tools are still in daily use.
Finally, there’s a fancy little cafe inside the museum, which seems to double as a performance space. It contains the actual piano which inspired the movie, The Piano.

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