index: crossroads 2006

Here is a log with links back to the entries I wrote during and about the presentations I attended at the Association of Cultural Studies conference held in Istanbul, graciously hosted by Bilge University. The following list is in chronological order, from earliest to latest.
Crossroads Day 1 (posted July 21, 2006) regarding “European Identity in a Transnational World” (1.55), “The City as a Thinking Machine” (S1), and “Is a Cosmopolitan Multiculturalism Possible? The Australian Context” (1.13).
Crossroads Day 2 (posted July 22, 2006) regarding “Emotion Trouble, or the Affective Turn in Media and Cultural Studies II” (2.3).
Stop Masturbating in Public (posted July 22, 2006) regarding “Abstract Social Identities and Chaotic Everyday Practices” (3.01) and continued with Inside/Outside (posted July 23, 2006).
Multilingual Cosmopoliticians (Crossroads Day 3) (posted July 29, 2006) regarding the panel by this name.
Interpretation and Linguistic Inequality (Crossroads Day 2) (posted July 30, 2006) regarding the panel “EU: Europe Beyond Geography?” (2.51) which included my own presentation.
Crossroads (Day 4) (posted August 7, 2006) regarding “Time, Space and the Unfolding of Culture” (4.19)
Cutting into the Social Fabric (Crossroads Day 4) (posted August 18, 2006) regarding the Closing Plenary, “Where Should Cultural Studies Go?”

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