First, the hamam at Cemberlitas for a sweat and serious skin scrub. I felt so clean and refreshed afterwards. 🙂 Then, dinner at a restaurant called Cennet. YUM! Gunseli and I (in costume) shared an Antep Crepe and Adana Kebap (both named after villages elsewhere in Turkey). I had an ayten to drink (yogurt, rather saltified), and then we had dessert (yes, there is chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream under all the fruit!)


Along the way Olga, Lambrini, and Claire caught up with us. Everyone but Claire was enticed into dancing with the resident gypsy troupe.
the band.JPG.jpg
Our waiter, Bayram, promised to sell me a property in the US at half-price once he passes his real estate test and joins his brother working for Century 21. His promises are a bit shaky, though, since he tipped my Turk kahvesi for a fortune-telling but then failed to produce a fortune teller. It seems my future is unreadable! Gunseli tried again,
FB 2.JPG.jpg
this time seeing three journeys, a ship, [Claire contributed a shark], a seagull (perhaps bringing news?), a mermaid (!), and a sculptured head. No cohesive interpretation was forthcoming, although the wish I held in mind this time was foretold to occur quickly. (I don’t know if one is superstitiously supposed to keep the wish secret…?) [Not that there’s any superstition in the rest of the activity, ahem!]
It took almost forever to escape this joint, so we abandoned the ethnoelectroenergy music bar and found another restaurant (!) for Olga, Claire, and Lambrini to eat. (Why they didn’t order at Cennet….?) We discussed international relations for some time en route, three Greeks, a Turk, and me. A lyric by Morrissey was cited: “America is not the world.”
Nonetheless, I’ll be returning to the US soon; the official countdown has begun. After the angst of adjusting to the imposed change in plan (no trip to Iran, wah) with the accompanying anxiety of how I would manage to use my time here without too deep a descent into the lonelies…I’ve had the most extraordinary and fortunate holiday. I owe it all to the people I’ve met along the way. 🙂

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