falling off the world stage

It didn’t take peace long (however tentatively-constructed or believed in)to fall out of the headlines. Not in the NYTimes top three for the past three days.
I had promised to share all the links people forwarded; I apologize for the delay (but then it also seems I may have lost my interlocutors?) My chicken, your egg? Or vice-versa? :-/
August 10: Sirisha sent Israel in Lebanon: Wreaking Havoc and Violence by Sukumar Muralidharan.
August 11: Swati sent two links: for news & blogs on the situation in lebanon and a short video made by a film collective in beirut.
August 11: Yasser sent The Sinking Ship of U.S. Imperial Designs by Gilbert Achcar.
August 11: Jose from Belgium sent this statement by UNESCO’s Artist for Peace, Marcel Khalife.
August 14: one request to be removed from my mass mails on this topic
August 14: Puru posts in Reflexivity a link to a news story from his own blog, PaddleSweep.
August 20: from Esther sent Isreal and the Ayatollahs by Amir Taheri.

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