en route to A-wa

It was just over a week ago that we began this trip. I don’t have the proper upwardly-curving “hat” in my symbol file to spell Agwa in the Turkish way, which indicates the soft (to my ears, silent) “g”. En route, Ozcan and I
me n Ozcan.JPG copy.jpg
stopped at the MobiDik restaurant with its view of the site of the original fortress of Herake
(now known for Turkish carpets) on one side and the Marmara on the other. Yes, we took the long way round, through Izmit, to the Black Sea coast. You know you’re in the Meditteranean when the windows lack any covering whatsover. We also saw an olive tree estimated at 400 years old.
ancient olive.jpg.jpg
Check out the trunk. The countryside is stunning.
countryside 2.JPG.jpg
We saw many findik groves (“the petrol of Turkey”) which yield one of my favorite nuts.

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