Cinili and Ciya

Fatih caught up with me for a bira before dinner. We engaged in serious political debate. 🙂


I got a bloody nose &emdash; but it’s unclear why, perhaps it was the residue of all those cops glaring threat at me when I was snapping their photos.
There was great art by Kaya Tanyeri on display in this cafe tucked on a side street down from Kadikoy’s quaint version of Istiklal (which I don’t know how to spell). Her work evoked many complex emotions for me, about family and being a woman.
Olga and Claire finally tore themselves away from Topkapi Palace so we could finally eat at the well-known Ciya restaurant, which serves food made in the style of Gaziantep, a village in the southeast of Turkey. and Olga wasted no time knifing the dinner bread. We shared a vinegary salad completely redeemed by finely chopped pistachio nuts, and tasted each other’s meals. My guvec was the spiciest hot (yah!), Fatih’s lahmacun the mildest roll-up pizza, Olga’s tandoori-flavored perfectly cooked chicken, and Claire’s superbly spiced kebap all complemented one another on the palate. At least, on my palate – Claire didn’t find the cheese dessert pleasing, leaving more for me! (Oh alright, I did share some of the extra.)
For me, it was a day of perfect symmetry. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Cinili and Ciya”

  1. The name of that street is BAHARIYE.
    what was that bloody nose, come on guys i didnt do that, she was realy angry with communism but it was not that bad.

  2. Come on, Fatih! I was really PASSIONATE, not “angry”!!! But maybe the two emotions often appear the same…?

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