Bye Bye Sabanci!

Life caught up with me quickly when I moved away from my friend’s place at Sabanci University some weeks (?) [!!!!] ago. It was a terrific refuge while I tried to find my bearings after my plan to travel to Iran was dashed. The effort of generating an alternative on the spot overwhelmed me, leaving me content to plant my butt and let weeds grow. It is a fantastic campus with a gorgeous library (whose friendly staff
SU student reserve.jpg
facilitated my communication with an IT staffer (Osman should get a raise) who arranged wireless access for me as a temporary guest), outdoor sculptures, a water fountain (good for reading by), fantastic gym facilities, and good food. See me eat!
In addition to the tasty cafeteria meals there is a fast food joint that serves a delicious tavuk (and whose staff wanted to be famous).

SU fastfood staff.JPG.jpg

Out of fairness then, I asked my daily coffee suppliers if they would like their picture taken as well. They did.
SU dd staff.JPG.jpg

Meanwhile, all is not so open (shhhhhhh, tease forthcoming!) I was allowed access to secure (coded) housing but not to the mysterious, concealed biophysics lab. I was able to capture photos only from behind cover.
SU biophysics bldg.JPG.jpg
The arrival of new technological equipment escaped my camera. Careful, painstaking, and prolonged observation determined that the office of a certain accomplished biophysicist is behind these one-way windows.
SU office window.JPG.jpg
I had spied the campus rocket upon arrival and saved it on purpose for the last day. I had determined that the steps to the top were open.
SU rocket stairs.JPG.jpg

Imagine my emotions after climbing some 57 (or was it 84?) stairs! My emotions were also stirred by the spectacular student art exhibit, Nu Portreler 2.
I began my collection of hand images most deliberately here – I hope none of the artists are offended (and if they are, that they will let me know). I thought I included one recently but now can’t find it; at any rate watch for more in future posts! (Unfortunately, glare is a problem with some: either from my flash or the natural light.)
Only one thing at Sabanci was left undone. ­čśë

2 thoughts on “Bye Bye Sabanci!”

  1. Where the heck are you? How the heck did you end up wherever you are? When are you coming my way? Call me at 614-390-1077.
    I am back in the States.

  2. Ila – I *love* how you enter unexpectedly and with no context! I am in Istanbul, leaving today to return to the States. Will call soon. ­čÖé

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